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The Grand stop on the Swedish west coast..

There is something special about family businesses, especially when it comes to small hotels. Maybe because you for some reason immediately expect better service, a friendlier welcome or cosier rooms, the proof that everyone cares so much more. Even if we all know that this is not always true, it is true when it comes to Grand Hotel Mölle on the Swedish west coast, owned by the Dahlberg family.

The Grand Hotel Mölle

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One with Nature in Skåne, Sweden

Looking for a experience which represent typical “Southern Sweden” nature, with a touch of luxury? Then this is the hotel for you: The Lodge Hotel, located at Romeleåsen.

The Lodge has focused on a New-England style throughout the whole hotel. It is a great hotel to go to if you are a group of people (note that there are only 22 rooms). They offer fun activities on site, such as mountain biking, long hikes etc. They even have a SPA! An absolute must is to enjoy the outside Jacuzzi.

Skåne has a very special nature, and located in the middle of it all you find this hotel. Therefore I can highly recommend to go to their restaurant. The restaurant only use the best commodities of the season, and the chef changes the menu every month.

To be found in the Forest

You know you're in Skåne when you see this...

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The Story

Have you ever been to a hotel that gives you such a predictable feeling? Like you know what the rooms will look like before you have even entered?
The Story Hotel in Stockholm is not one of these.

Located in the center of Stockholm it has quickly become one of the hippest places to stay. The hotel itself claims it has been inspired by the urban feeling of cities such as New York and Paris and they have successfully combined it with elegant and chic furniture and funky designs. To stay there a weekend (Fri-Sun) will cost you around 3500 SEK (approx. 380 EUR) and includes an excellent breakfast.

The Bar

The hotel is also a perfect place for an after-work as they offer live music, DJ:s playing and “party-brunches” for the hip. Continue reading →

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