Jakes Treasure Beach Jamaica

I, for one, have always had a dream of a life on an island in the Caribbean. The idea of living in a wooden house, swim in perfectly blue water everyday, and enjoy the complete absence of stress is as tickling as ever to my mind.

Jakes Treasure Beach in Jamaica was just recently placed at 6th place in Conde Nast Travelers’ top 10 list of the best hotels in the Caribbean. And even if I haven’t stayed there myself…yet, I am in love with it. It doesn’t ooze with the sometimes pretentious and obvious luxury that many hotels do, but instead it has this laid-back and easy going atmosphere that I love so much. Buildt by two brothers after fleeing the US and its crumbling economy in the end of the 1920s, the hotel is still family owned. Buldings have been added over the years, all with their own style and characteristics. They all have different names, like Starfish, Coral and Seahorse and you can choose if you want to have a room, a cottage, or a villa.

There are houses in Maroccan style...

...and Jamaican style

The popular restaurant Jack Sprat serves great food and a relaxing atmosphere!

The place to go to for live music…

My favourite is without a doubt ‘Itopia’, the historic country home buildt in the 1600s. With wooden floors, fantastic furniture and a garden that is beyond beautiful, this is my perfect getaway!


Part of the amenities of this house is the possibility of having food tailored after your liking served in this dining room. All the produce is organic by the way…

Be aware that Jakes Treasure Beach is almost always full! If you want to be able to choose what type of room, cottage or villa you want, make sure you are in good time. A deluxe one bedroom oceanfront with the amazing outdoor shower will, for 4 nights in June, cost you around 1400 USD.

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2 Comments on "Jakes Treasure Beach Jamaica"

  1. Marc says:

    Lovely photos. I was in Treasure Beach this weekend gone – got to walk through Jake’s and ate regularly at Jack Sprat. Had a wonderful time and I will definitely be back.

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