La Colombe d’Or

For those of you who love the French Riviera, enjoy ’star-studded’ environments but are looking for a more cultural option at the same time…

La Colombe d'Or

An art-interested farmer’s son, Paul Roux, decided to open a restaurant/inn in the 1920′s. The place soon became a waterhole for up and coming paintors and Paul would let them stay in one of the 3 rooms in exchange for paintings and conversations about art. It didn’t take long for the rumour about La Colombe d’Or to spread and soon artists like Matisse, Chagall and Miro were loyal guests. Paul then decided to acquire a guest book where special guests got to write a greeting, draw a picture or simply sign their name-as you can imagine this guestbook is today kept in a safe by Paul Roux’s grandson and the current owner Francois Roux.

Over the years, the walls in the building became covered in beautiful paintings, and the guests could enjoy the company of an original Picasso while eating lunch. The great names of yesterday are today replaced by the likes of Madonna, Francis Ford Coppola and Bono to name a few, but nevertheless, the hotel has stayed as humble as in the 30′s. For example, the restaurant still offers the same dishes as Paul Roux’s mother cooked made with simple local ingredients and specialties. No Michelin stars, no fuzz…just home-ooked meals.

A room night costs about 300 Euros but during the summer, if you book months ahead, you can get cheaper rates with full pension if you stay for a longer period of time. I for one, am completely intrigued by the idea of staying in the same rooms as the great artists like Picasso and Chagall!


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