Sustainable Design in Shanghai

DestinationSpotting love the environment and really appreciate all efforts made to focus on sustainability, and when you mix that with a boutique hotel we go lyrical!

In the heart of Shanghai you find URBN Hotel that offers you a unique designed and environmentally friendly rooms. The building used to be an old factory warehouse that has been renovated with recycled and locally sourced materials. All technology is energy-efficient and all products used is organic.


Chic with Chinese touch




You may indulge in luxury with an in-room massage with organic and natural oils. If you wish to exercise during your stay you can use One Wellness, which is Shanghai’s boutique gym.

The hotel has a chic bar and a roof top bar. Downstairs they have a restaurant, which is called “Downstairs” funny enough, of course they focus on the organic theme and with perishables from local farmer. It is actually the only environmental and carbon-free restaurant in China!


Amazing restaurant put together by Australian David Laris


Garden of “Downstairs”



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