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A great hotel concept – Andaz

If you are into boutique hotels, I can definitely recommend the concept of Andaz, which is a part of the Hyatt Chain.

Today there are only a few around the world. I have personally stayed at three of them, San Diego, Los Angeles and in London.

They always have a great design with a luxurious approach. Every hotel even have their own special scent, which always is amazing.

The Andaz offers your a personal “Host”, who is suppose to be your friend throughout your stay. So instead of having one front desk agent, one bellman, one concierge and one greeter, there is one who knows and does it all.

Every night they offer complimentary wine and beverage in the lobby.

The hotel always have a convenient location.

Andaz is definitely a treat for your senses! Soon there will open one in AMSTERDAM!

Here are some pics from the hotels I stayed at!

Here you can enjoy a complimentary glas of wine in London

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