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Planning a trip over Easter? Best Suggestion: TOKYO

Easter 2012 falls in the first week of April, and when I think about early April, I automatically think about TOKYO! Why? This is when all their Sakura Trees starts to blossom (Cherry Blossoms). This is a sensational experience and the Japanese are not shy to celebrate this. There are plenty of parks that offers THOUSANDS of Sakura trees of different kinds.

I went to Ueno Park with a picnic and sat in the grass and enjoyed the peaceful environment among a lively and happy crowed. If you don’t feel like bringing a picnic there are plenty of food stations around. A tip is to also go there at night time, that’s when you see all trees lit up and people go there with food and sake and stay until the early morning. Definitely a “must-do” experience.
Tokyo also offers smaller Sakura parks that are more calm, one great example of that is Koishikawa Botanical Garden, only open during the day and also take a small admission fee to enter.

Sakura Tree (Cherry Blossom)

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