The Grand stop on the Swedish west coast..

There is something special about family businesses, especially when it comes to small hotels. Maybe because you for some reason immediately expect better service, a friendlier welcome or cosier rooms, the proof that everyone cares so much more. Even if we all know that this is not always true, it is true when it comes to Grand Hotel Mölle on the Swedish west coast, owned by the Dahlberg family.

The Grand Hotel Mölle

It all started when the hotel was buildt in 1909. The beautiful location had quickly become famous as a result of the ’sinful common bath’- a place where both men and women could swim. Thus, the striped bathing suits that were fashionable at the time multiplied each summer and there was even a direct train track from Germany to little Mölle…


The Maritime restaurant

A Spa with a View

This seaside hotel open year round but the view is particularly beautiful in the spring. Why not spend the Easter holidays checked in to this little jem in the middle of the Swedish nothingness?

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